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Advocating for bees around the globe

At CRANBOURN®, we are passionate about supporting bees. They are fundamental to the health of our natural ecosystems, play a huge role in agriculture and food production, and are incredibly important to the future of our planet.

“If all of the world’s bees died off, there would be major rippling effects throughout ecosystems. 

Without bees, the availability and diversity of fresh produce would decline substantially, and human nutrition would likely suffer.”Britannica

Both wild and domesticated honeybee populations have suffered from the use of pesticides, disease, pests, and natural habitat loss. In 2019, the western honeybee was listed on the IUCN Red List after the species significantly declined across Europe. This decline raises biodiversity concerns, as well as the risk to food price rises and shortages, as bee pollination decreases. As humans, it is our job to advocate for the protection of this incredible insect. With the rise in popularity of events like World Bee Day, awareness is spreading: but we need to do more.

Here at CRANBOURN®, we want to do our part to raise awareness about the power of bees. We have chosen to use a blend of sustainable vegetable wax and beeswax in our Bees & Botanicals™ luxury candles.

Beeswax is one of the most wonderful yet underrated natural resources on the planet when it comes to quality, health, fragrance and sustainability. Explore our Bees & Botanicals™ fragrance products made with sustainably harvested beeswax here.


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