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CRANBOURN® luxury fragrances are handcrafted in Britain

Supporting British craftermanship, makers and designers is so important for a number of reasons. Investing in local independent businesses, helping to regenerate the highstreet and supporting emerging new designers is a topic close to our heart.

All CRANBOURN® products and packaging are developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK from sustainable sources, to ensure the very highest levels of craftsmanship. We never compromise on quality, and we uphold high social, sustainable and environmental standards.

A history of luxury, craftsmanship and heritage

Known for superior quality and craftsmanship throughout the ages, many British goods are painstakingly made by highly skilled artisans, using original manufacturing methods and machinery. Britain is home to some of the world’s most iconic and influential luxury brands, spanning industries from fashion to motoring. British luxury goods have historically been renowned and respected for their high quality materials, craftsmanship, rich family histories and illustrious heritage.

Although every individual designer and luxury brand is unique, as a whole Britain is known for innovation, timelessness, classic style, sophistication and creativity. Here at CRANBOURN®, we feel honoured to become part of British luxury history.

Continuing the legacy

We are Londoners at heart– even our name is a nod to our strong British history. CRANBOURN Street in the West End of London is located on one of our regular walks around the city. Named after the Earl of Salisbury’s country estate, the street was originally constructed in the 1670s and served as a home for plentiful high quality goods shops. English painter William Hogarth served an apprenticeship in a shop on CRANBOURN Street in 1713, and his two sisters ran a nearby linen-draper’s shop.

Our luxury fragrance product design and craftsmanship ethos are influenced by our British heritage. Our team of designers and perfumers have vast experience working with many of the most renowned global luxury brands, and we draw inspiration from the rich tradition and innovation of timeless British craftsmanship. Read more about our Our Modern British Heritage here, or delve deeper into our Design & Craftsmanship Ethos.

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